Hi. I’m Nick Sawinyh. A SEO Growth Hacker, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Project Manager.

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First of all search engine optimization, like a field of IT science has its own specializations. My specialization is technical SEO for large websites and projects. You have to be a unique type of person to do this task for companies with huge websites with the main goal to increase their sales by improved search engine performance. I mean any big project with a big amount of pages in it forces you for strong left and right brain lateral thinking and creative problem-solving.

The sheer size of sites like this always challenges me, especially when you have millions of products and various business lines. I have a permanent fight for keeping everything indexed and ranking well. Also, I need to carry about optimal site architecture and performance. Big sites have a unique value, comparing to regular ones. For them, even little changes in titles can make pretty revenue shifts.

Positions in search are not so important there as traffic flow. During my work, I have to find out what is valuable for your representative user, and how it compares to what he was looking for. I need to improve the whole project in that direction in order to drive organic traffic.

To obtain better results, I always imagine how your site would perform if domain authority did not exist. Start tailoring your SEO strategy with that in mind.

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